Designated Beneficiary

ADFPA (American Drug Free Powerlifting Association) doing business as USA Powerlifting is a 501c(3) Tax Exempt Corporation. A copy of the Tax Exemption certificate is attached for your information. The Tax Identification Number is: 64-0667928.

As a tax-exempt organization, donations made to the Association under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code are deductible to the donor, for income tax purposes.

Donations can be made to the association, individual athletes (Designated Beneficiary) or teams. The Designated Beneficiary Program for individual athletes is a reimbursement program. A reimbursement program means that donations are received for the benefit of a specific individual, that individual sends in copies of their expenses and USA Powerlifting reimburses them up to the amount of the donations received in their name. For example: you Miss Jones have a slot on the Women’s World Team and you are asking for donations for your trip. Friends, coworkers, and businesses send in $1,000 on your behalf. Your trip expenses total $1,100. USA Powerlifting reimburses you for your expenses with the $1,000 that the organization has received on your behalf.

USA Powerlifting will acknowledge in writing all donations of $250 and over as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

If you want a list of individuals that have donated to you, so you can send thank you notes, we suggest you do the following. Have the contribution form (copy attached) filled out, have the donor send the form and check to you. You then send the check and the contribution form to the National Office. In this way you can record who gave to you and how much they gave. Note that if all the information is properly completed and copies of your expense receipts are in the office the approximate turn around time from arrival in the National Office to sending a check to you is approximately 3-4 weeks. This allows time for mail delivery, check clearing, accounting and delivery to National Office for approval and mailing back to you.

Checks should be made payable to USA Powerlifting.