Purpose Statement

The committee’s purpose is to encourage, improve and promote amateur powerlifting for women, according to the drug-free standards established by the USA Powerlifting and to provide a forum for discussion and decision regarding the rights of drug-free women powerlifters.

Please feel welcome to contact any the Women’s Committee chair below with your questions, ideas and suggestions.

Women’s Hall of Fame

Description: To honor and recognize the pioneers (both women and men) who have helped develop, support and grow women’s powerlifting. The ground work with the kickoff of the Hall of Fame in 2004. You would be helping Erin with the nomination screening process, contacting recipients, obtaining bio info for the website, obtaining awards/plaques, and possible publicity through our various media outlets.


Holiday Newsletter – December 2023

Inaugural newsletter – October 2023

Women Powerlifter ‘Helpful Hints/Tips’

  • Invest in a pair of suit slippers! They may be the best thing you use off the platform. Too many times I see people yanking at their suit for 20 min, when suit slippers will cut that time down to 5 min. Plus, you won’t tire yourself out and loose skin off your legs and fingers…or at least not until after you do the lift!
  • Same thing goes for satin underwear. Be sure to get the full-coverage kind. It makes getting a tight suit over your hips much easier.
  • The platform is the best place to wear tight-fitting attire. Order any meet t-shirt 1-2 sizes smaller than you would normally wear in order to tuck it more easily into you suit. Tucking it into your underwear makes pulling on your suits even easier and you won’t get that uncomfortable bulge of material.
  • Pack extra underwear and socks in your lifting bag. You never know when you may need a change!
  • Many suits are cut for a man’s figure, so in order to get them tight enough in the hips, you just about kill your legs. If you’re built like me, have the manufacturer widen the leg opening 1/2 -1 in. Keep in mind that you still want them tight enough so that the suit doesn’t slip up on you while you are doing the lift.
  • Avoid lotions/emollients/body oils on meet day. Bench shirts and supportive suits slide over slightly dry skin much easier than “moisturized” skin.
  • If you can find a sports bra made out of the shiny Lycra material, it will help a bench shirt go on with easy over your upper torso.
  • Avoid using lotion too close to a workout or prior to your flight, as they make gripping the bar for deadlifts harder for you and your fellow competitor.
  • Start your diet early. You will have a lot more fun if you don’t have to starve yourself at the last minute.
  • Vitamin B6 and lemons are a natural diuretic and will help you shed those extra pounds of water weight a few days before the meet.
  • It is strongly recommended that you wear a feminine pad when squatting and deadlifting. You never know when your body will hit its limit and you don’t want to have an embarrassing moment on the platform.
  • Submit your tips to be placed on the Women’s Committee page. Tips welcome from male and female lifters! [Submit your Tips]

Committee Report

Committee Chair: Heather Faas