The following guidelines will be applied for Youth lifting

Philosophy for Youth Lifting

The focus for USA Powerlifting Youth Lifting will be to introduce youth lifters to the life-long sport of Powerlifting. The main concern for these lifters is to learn and perform proper technique and training methods, through experience on the competition platform.

Personal Apparel/Lifter Gear

Youth lifting will only be contested raw/unequipped.

Raw/Unequipped lifting is defined as using only the following gear and accessories as defined in the USA Powerlifting rule book

  • Non-supportive singlet
  • T-shirt
  • Briefs
  • Socks
  • Belt
  • Shoes
  • Wrist wraps
  • Single-ply neoprene knee sleeves without attaching and/or tightening mechanisms like Velcro, clips or straps

Supportive equipment (BP shirts, SQ suits or DL suits, and knee wraps) is strictly prohibited for youth lifting.


      • 8-9 year old
      • 10-11 year old
      • 12-13 year old

Weight classes

      • Girls: 30k (66lb), 35K (77lb), 40k (88lb), and then the already set weight classes.
      • Boys: 30k (66lb), 35k (77lb), 40k (88lb), 44k (97lb), 48k (105lb) and then the set classes.


      • Youth lifters must wear a singlet and t-shirt during weigh-ins
      • Youth lifters must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or coach during weigh-ins.

Proper Identification

      • Any lifter registering with a youth membership must provide a copy of their birth certificate or government-issued ID (i.e., Passport or State ID) to verify their age. Membership card and birth certificate should also be available upon registration at any competition.


      • Lifters will follow USA Powerlifting guidelines for scoring, adding their one best lift from each category to their final total. The focus should continue to be on proper technique and lifting within their ability.
      • Any lifter who does not complete any lift in a category will be allowed to complete the lifting event to gain experience on the platform. No final total shall be awarded that lifter.

Lifting Equipment

      • Youth lifters will need access to a lighter lifting bar.
      • It is recommended that “training plates” be provided for the youth lifters at the state level for the deadlift so that they are pulling the weight from the same height as all other lifters. (Is also a safety concern). Training plates must be available at national meets.

Lifting Equipment at Youth Nationals

      • Y1 & Y2 a 15kg will be used.
      • Y3 a 20kg will be used.
      • Full diameter (45cm) “bumper plates” lighter than 20kg to be used for deadlifts when necessary to ensure the bar height from the floor is the same for all lifters.

National Championship Divisions

      • A separate Youth National Championships will be held each year.
      • There will be no set qualifying total for a National competition, but lifter must have participated in a USA Powerlifting sanctioned meet and be a current USA Powerlifting member.


      • Each state should add records for these age divisions.
      • American will be established for these divisions beginning at the first national competition

Qualifying Totals

      • Any 13-year-old lifter that will turn 14 during the calendar year will have their total from Teen/Juniors for boys and Women’s for girls considered for a spot on the Sub-Junior and/or Open World team.

Drug Testing

        • Any 13-year-old lifter that will turn 14 during the calendar year will be considered eligible for drug testing. If they do not turn 14 in the calendar year are exempt from testing.