Frequently Asked Questions

Drugs / Supplements

Each athlete is responsible for what they consume.  Not every supplement lists all their ingredients, therefore it is consumer beware.  You can do some research on the individual ingredients by going to the Links we have listed under the ‘Drug Testing Link’ section.


Go to the Calendar link on the webpage, then select the Event Category for the State or neighboring States you wish to compete in to see if there are any currently sanctioned.  Or use the Search box.

Note, if you aren’t seeing a meet in your area, reach out to the State Chair and ask when they expect the next one to be sanctioned


High School Seasonal Memberships were discontinued in 2018.  You will want to select ‘Teen’ and/or ‘Open’ membership when purchasing your membership.

Good news, you can look it up and receive a copy at any time!  Go to the Membership link then Membership Card Lookup.   You will need to make sure you use the email you signed up with when looking it up.

All memberships expire on 12/31 of the year you purchase it, with the exception of is if you purchase on or after Nov 1, your membership will expire the following calendar year.


  • Open Nationals allows all approved gear, up to single-ply gear. There are only age divisions and no special division for Raw.  You can wear as little as your singlet or as much as allowed for single-ply gear, including suits, shirts, and knee wraps.
    • Qualifies you for the Arnold
  • Raw Nationals only allows equipment based on the raw definition, which is singlet, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and belt.
    • Qualifies you for the Arnold